Algarve: The Family Friendly Tourist Destination

Looking for a family friendly holiday destination with lots of family-oriented activities can be sometimes hectic. This is because most places are commonly targeted to attract adults and are not quite favorable for children; but not in Algarve. One of the top tourist destinations in Portugal, located in the southernmost part of the mainland, is the perfect place for an amazing summer vacation. Alluring and spectacular! Shaped with golden sandy beaches, world class golf resorts, awe-inspiring cliffs, sandy islands, bays, Algarve surely never disappoints. Every year, tourists from all around the globe flock here just to have a taste of this beautiful land. When visiting Algarve, there are some things that every family shouldn’t miss out. Some of the top family attractions Algarve offers include:

family attractions Algarve

  • Krazy World – This is a very interactive zoo with plenty of fun-filled family activities to do. The zoo has a petting farm whereby one can interact with the animals such as the dwarf goats, deer, llamas, plus a place for children to party with the adults. In the terra exotica part, there are also other various species of animals such as different bird species, African spur turtle, and lemurs. It also has a swimming pool, with a waterslide, and various restaurants to dine in. Apart from this, the zoo offers outdoor activities such as pedal karts, mini quad bikes, mini golf circuit, tree climbing, horse rides and inflatables. There are also plenty of indoor activities such as an inflatable bouncy castle, animal presentation stage, restaurants, etc. This is definitely one of the major family attractions in the Algarve.
  • Family Golf Park – This is the perfect place to bring the family together. The family golf park is a mini golf course with a Roman Empire history, with 2 golf courses and 18 holes. The golf park is filled with plenty of fun activities as the visitors are taken through the historic scenery. Besides this, it also has a game room for kids, snack bar, kids’ club with themed parties, tour train, etc. This should be among the top things for families to do in the Algarve.
  • Jeep Safaris – The Jeep Safari Vilamoura offers provides a very fun and thrilling adventure for the entire family to look forward to. A fleet of 4 by 4 jeeps go up and down the hills, crossing the streams. What makes it more exhilarating is the glorious scenery you get to enjoy as you ride along.
  • Shopping – This is always a fun activity to enjoy with the family. Buy some souvenirs from the lively gypsy market for great bargains on most goods. Apart from this, you can also visit the largest fishing village in Europe: the marina of Vilamoura and the quaint fishing village.

It is very clear that this coastal town offers plenty of family attractions Algarve wide when it comes to holiday activities to enjoy with family. With all its startling features, don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to spend time with the family at the best.

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